Mastering Consumers’ Touch Points, Zealously Influencing Their Lifestyles.


Vega Foods aspires to improve the value, wealth and well-being of all its stakeholders, thereby becoming the most preferred food and beverage brand in every country it operates in.


Becoming the most preferred food and beverage brand is to be realised by offering top-quality, value-for-money products, made possible through the following steps:

Step 1:Aggressive sourcing of quality products.
Step 2:Cutting inefficiencies in the supply chain.
Step 3:Passing on resultant cost savings to consumers.
Step 4:Ensuring products are available on as many shelves as possible.
Step 5:Continuously building our brand appeal so consumers can connect to the brand and derive maximum enjoyment.

These five steps ensure that all our stakeholders will reap maximum benefits.

The benefits are as follows:

1. Value for our Consumers:Quality products that ensure highest value for money.
2. Value for our Trade Partners:Stellar brand value that ensures maximum profits.
3. Value for our Vendors:Growing brand value that will translate into larger revenues.
4. Value for our Employees:A rewarding career in an excellent working environment.
5. Value for our Shareholders:Greater brand equity that ensures maximum returns on investments.


Fair Organization:We are fair to all parties dealing with us.
Customer Satisfaction:We are committed to delivering what we promise.
Sense of Ownership:We create the right environment to encourage entrepreneurial spirit within the organization.
Cultural Sensitivity & Inclusion:We are aware of the multi-cultural geographies we operate in and treat all with equal respect thereby providing equal platform for contribution.