Taking Profound Youthful Steps, Making History.

Once a brand with only two products, now has matured into six brands, more than 25 products, and 12 product categories. Our history may not be as established as others, but we have our fair share of stories to tell.

We started in 1995 as a mere subdivision. Ten years on, a separate venture was born in 2005, we named her Vega Foods. What followed next was the expansion of our core team, strengthening of our strategic foundation, and the development of a brand that seamlessly blends the best of modernity and tradition.

We realised that Africa was the final frontier of massive yet untapped potential. With Ghana being identified as the gateway, we planned our first foray into the continent. Our operational infrastructure was built in tandem with the growing needs of the country. The team that help us realise our dream in Ghana has over the years, replicated this success in neighbouring markets.

Today, our products are of trusted quality, yet priced competitively. Our belief that the enjoyment of eating is not a reserve of the affluent, but should be open to all.


  • The oils & fats centric brand Oli d’Or makes its mark in Gabon.
  • Vega Foods takes on Philippines, with their 100% durum wheat spaghetti.


  • Vega Enters the Vietnam Market.
  • Vega Sunflower Oil, Vega Canned Fruit, Vega Corn Sticks are added to the food basket.


  • A whole line of Vega Confectionary makes an impressive debut.
  • The new and enhanced Vega Instant Coffee is re-launched.
  • Vega foods becomes official sponsor of Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting Council,
    the local league football club of Botswana. The club became league champions in the same year.
  • Vega foods launches Afriking, with an objective to give the people of Africa a brand they can call their own. 


  • Vega Indian Rice, Vega Instant Tea, and a brand new range of Vega biscuits are introduced to customers.
  • Vega foods withdraws from primary operation partnership in South Africa.


  • Re-enters secondary operations.
  • Expands into the Middle Eastern market.


  • Vega Foods exits from primary operations in Ghana.
  • Product range expands further with launch of Vega salad dressings, Vega Ready to Eat, and Vega Instant coffee.
  • The new brand Quick Chef broadens the Vega Umbrella.
  • The “V” ad is aired in Ghana, gains mass popularity.


  • Vega reveals its Mascot- Chef Figo.
  • The brand Supersavers joins the Vega family.


  • Vega becomes a proud official sponsor for the Ghana Beijing Olympics Team.
    Our efforts to encourage Sports and Youth were honoured by the Comité International Olympique (CIO) / International Olympic Committee (IOC).
  • Several more products and categories are launched, notably, The Vega Bouillon, Vega Canned fish, Vega Canned Veggies, Vega Rice, and Vega Dairy.


  • Primary operations develop under partnership in The South African market.
  • Vega goes East, sets foot in Brunei.
  • Vega Corned Beef is introduced.


  • Primary operations (complete ownership of supply chain, from importing to distribution) commence in Ghana.
  • The first Vega jingle is aired on TV and Radio.


  • Birth of Vega Foods Corp Private Limited, Singapore.
  • We engage Saatchi & Saatchi as our strategic brand consultants; the Vega brand and logo are remodeled.
  • The brand Okaki is launched and kick-started in Singapore.
  • The first line of products are ready for sales, including Vega Tomato Paste, Vega Mayonnaise, Vega Margarine, Vega Palm Oil, Splash Juices & Energy Drink, Okaki Rice Crackers, Malt & Milk Biscuits, Vega Canned Chicken Luncheon Meat, to name a few.


  • Repositioning Pavani Brand.


  • The original Vega Brand is introduced.


  • OEM food trading businesses.
  • Pavani the brand is launched in Cameroon.